Volunteers spread holiday cheer along with food and clothing

Volunteers spread holiday cheer along with food and clothing

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Volunteers opened the doors to Tuscaloosa's Community Soup Bowl early on Christmas morning.

"Makes you feel good. You know there's good out there," Demarlo Harris told WBRC.

He came here to be with friends.

But he needed a good meal too.

"Get something to eat because me and my girl ain't got nothing to eat. Power and water is off and everything," Harris went on to say.

Men and women lined up for a piping hot Christmas dinner served by volunteers.

Those here to serve were just as happy to be here as those who came to eat.

"I think they really enjoy it and that they love it and God and people care about them," Viola Bruno, a long-time Community Soup Bowl volunteer added.

Volunteers handed out more than free plates of food.

They also passed out things like jackets and sleeping bags to people struggling to stay warm.

Samuel Price was one of the first to leave with surprise Christmas gifts in hand.

"It means a whole lot. It could possibly mean the world because you just don't know sometimes," Price explained.

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