Alabama Politics: 'Expect the unexpected'

Alabama Politics: 'Expect the unexpected'

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - With Alabama politics, these days it is safe to say to expect the unexpected.

The year of 2017 will be a year for the history books with big shake-ups in both state and local governments. But with all the negativity this year has seen is thankfully turning into something positive

It all started with Gov. Bentley's resignation after threats of impeachment. Paul DeMarco a former State Representative says the state thought that was the big story of the year.

But then you have a Senate election with international eyes on Alabama.

"People around the world were watching this US senate race. It is unfortunate though that so many people saw such a negative light when it comes to the states of Alabama," Rep. Merika Coleman said.

But the shakeup doesn't end there. Several city mayors and councilors were voted out of their seats. Cities like Madison, Fairhope, Hoover. Trussville, Vestavia, Tuskegee, Selma and Birmingham.

"In addition, throughout that, you had a new mayor elected in Birmingham you have had several legislators who have faced court because of criminal investigations," DeMarco explained.

Despite the crazy political roller coaster, we have been on in 2017 it seems that all those bumps and turns are leading to a positive destination because now voters are keeping watchful eyes.

"The trend you will see in 2018 is a lot of voters getting out there paying attention to what is going on," DeMarco stated.

"The power is not with the elected officials the power is with the elected people the power is with the citizens of the state so it is so important that the people that you vote for share your value systems," Rep. Coleman explained.

"So, when you hear the bad things happening you say, 'well, look, the best way to do that is pay attention, be an informed voter and go to the polls," DeMarco explained.

A lot ahead in 2018 with it being a big state election year. People believe the events of 2017 will play a big role in 2018.

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