Check your Christmas tree; there could be praying mantis eggs it in

Check your Christmas tree; there could be praying mantis eggs it in

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A picture making the rounds on social media has been shared almost 57,000 times claiming to show praying mantis eggs attached to a Christmas tree branch and it's a warning for people to check their trees.

A man in Philadelphia found a Praying Mantis egg case attached to a branch of his Christmas tree. We're told that case can hold 100 eggs or more. Those eggs could potentially hatch. The warmth of your home accelerates that process.

But experts tell us that will more than likely not happen in the short amount of time your tree is inside your home.

A few weeks the pest control company, Safer Brand, put out information saying there could be upwards of 25,000 insects in an average Christmas tree. The National Christmas Tree Association disputes those numbers and says bugs found in your tree aren't likely to cause problems.

"We call them harmless hitchhikers.  That can be on a Christmas tree, that can get through the harvesting process and still be on the tree. When they come into the home, they stay on the tree and you never see them," Doug Hundley with the National Christmas Tree Association said.

If you find praying mantis eggs in your tree, experts say cut off the branch and take them outside immediately. Then put them on an elevated surface. The odds of eggs survival are greater if you do that.

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