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You could soon be able to drink alcohol on Birmingham's only pedal bus

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Pedal bus tours are popular around the country and in most cities riders can drink alcohol and pedal except here in Birmingham with the city's only pedal bus. Things could be changing, though.

If city council amends its pedal bus ordinance, you’ll be able to drink beer or wine in cans while riding the peddle bus throughout their stops around the magic city.

Birmingham Pedal Tours offers the only pedal bus in the city. The owners are asking city council to allow them to let passengers drink while on board. Right now, you are only allowed to publicly drink in the Uptown entertainment district.

The owners of Birmingham Pedal tours say they have lost business because when riders book tours, they assume the can bring alcohol. Whey riders found out they can’t, they sometimes cancel the tour.

Transportation safety committee chairman Darrell O’Quinn says the move could benefit the city.

“I think this is going to be something that in a little way makes coming to Birmingham and having a night out on the town a little bit better,” O’Quinn said.

We’re told the driver of the pedal bus, for obvious reasons, will not be allowed to drink. O’Quinn expects the city council to pass this measure on Jan. 3.

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