Tuscaloosa mentor group low on cash receives surprise Christmas donation

Tuscaloosa mentor group low on cash receives surprise Christmas donation

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A Tuscaloosa mentor-ship group struggling with funding receives an unexpected Christmas Donation.

The group Mind Changers, Inc. bought a new building to create a haven for kids to go.

The problem is they lost nearly $50,000 in funding this year but are grateful for the recent money they've been given.

There are plans to transform their building into a one-stop positive shop for students.

A few supplies have been donated but there's still lots to do. So, when Mind Changers CEO Rodney Pelt got a $1000 check from Bryant Bank, well this was his reaction.

"They try to make me cry but laughs but I try not to cry anymore being a retired army man I try not to cry anymore," said Pelt.

Any bit of help Pelt said is appreciated especially now.

"We had to downsize a lot of our programs and a lot of things we do so we took a big hit," said Pelt.

Many grants the group used ran out. Their tutoring and several mentor programs were cut, and they want to bring them back.

"Between the hours of 4 and 8 is the most dangerous time in America for our youth," said Pelt.

"More to life than what you think about like street violence," said Markelin Hunter Mind Changers student

Markelin Hunter was getting into fights in middle school before joining Mind Changers, now he's a senior getting some college interest from Harvard.

"It helped me become a better man.  Honestly, hope the organizations do donate because it will help change a lot of young kid's futures," said Hunter.

90 percent of donations given, goes to programming.

"We love our youth, and every dollar you give will be extremely important to the success of those youth," said Pelt.

If you're interested in helping the Mind Changers cause, here's a link to check out.

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