Calera woman feels trapped in her home when it pours down

Calera woman feels trapped in her home when it pours down

CALERA, AL (WBRC) - Wednesday's heavy rains are only adding to a problem an elderly Calera woman faces every time it pours down.

Barbara Middlebrooks is tired of seeing her two driveways flood. She feels trapped in her home because the water starts to surround her house. The water turns her driveway into a river.

It takes about three hours or so to drain. There's a water line on her home to show how high the water rises. One the main issues is her driveway sits lower than the road which allows the water to sit like soup in a bowl.

Middlebrooks says when the city resurfaced 20th street, they built up the road. She's been asking the city and county to her flooding problem. She feels a lot of fingering pointing is going on right now.

"I'm an elderly lady and I don't want to fall and can't get out of the house. So I think this problem can be solved if someone would just point their finger at it and do it," Middlebrooks said.

Barbara says her calls to the mayor and other agencies have gone unanswered. We are also waiting to hear back from officials. Babara says her problem seems like a simple fix.

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