Driver beware if you plan to get out on Friday

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Troopers are gearing up getting their vehicles ready with winter weather supplies. Trooper Curtis Summerville says in these situations they have all hands-on deck.

In these events they always ask drivers not to get out unless they absolutely have to get out. Trooper Summerville says they are ready to handle any emergencies. Most off days were canceled so that they could have extra troopers on standby.

"In certain areas where we predict there might be problems we kind of stage our self in those areas just to be there in case something happens," Trooper Summerville explains.

Police also warning people of black ice. We spoke with Lt. Chuck Nagle with Vestavia Hills who says snow or no snow something we all have to watch for tomorrow is black ice. Now, it will not be an issue in the morning -- but if you're headed out Friday night -- there is the possibility for black ice on overpasses and bridges.

All you need for ice to form on our road ways is for those ground temperatures to drop to below 32 degrees and you will start to see spots of black ice.

"Steer in the same way your cars turning in the back so if you're going to the left steer a little bit left until you get some traction," Lt Nagle states.

He says shady areas and over passes are the spots you want to look out for Black ice.

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