Couple donates over 100 presents to Forgotten Angels Tree program

Couple donates over 100 presents to Forgotten Angels Tree program

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Over 100 presents, that's what a man and woman donated Thursday for the Forgotten Angels program at Chick-fil-A on Montclair Road.

The couple didn't want to go on camera when dropping off the gifts. They say it is not about them, it is all about the children who will have something to open on Christmas.

Chick-fil-A Marketing Director for Eastwood Village, Sheila Kent, tells us the man and woman are regulars at the restaurant. She said on Wednesday the woman told her she wanted to take 25 angels from the tree but after seeing the amount of children in need she decided to take much more.

"She decided to take all of the extra tags we had which were over 100," said Kent. "She took them with her yesterday and went and got all of these wonderful gifts to bring for the children for the Salvation Army Angel tree.And we are just so excited to be apart of this and all of the children get gifts"

On Thursday, the gifts were dropped off at Chick-fil-A so Salvation Army workers could pick them up.

Lori Cork, the Public Relations Director with the Salvation Army in Birmingham, says 20 Chick-fil-A locations across Birmingham are participating in the program.

Cork says the restaurant is an amazing partner for them. She says Chick-fil-A handles putting the tree up, putting the Forgotten Angel tags out and collecting the toys and coats for the children.

"We have never in our time working with Chick-fil-A, we've never had someone come into a store, come into a location, and pull this many angels off the tree," said Cork. "I will tell you, these gifts, this is amazing. The amount of gifts, it's toys, it's books, it's stuff for boys and girls of all ages. This is just an amazing donation."

The last day to donate toys or coats is Wednesday, Dec. 13th.

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