Man no longer living in apartment where bed bugs were found

Man no longer living in apartment where bed bugs were found

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - "I Actually feel better knowing that my uncle is no longer here."

That's a far cry from how Jamario Byrant felt a few days ago. He stopped by to visit his uncle Tommy Bryant who has lived at Magnolia Terrace for seven years and found an apartment covered with bed bugs.

"There were bed bugs crawling on his chest. No one should have to live like that. Nobody should have to live like this," said Bryant.

And Bryant won't. His family has found him somewhere else to stay, but there are still a number of questions they have surrounding the matter.

The family now has an attorney who says the landlord has some liability.

"There is a statute as far as protecting people who rent in relationships with the landlord as far as what should be done and pest-control is one of those things that should be done the level of manifestation that was shown in the picture is pretty high compared to what it should be so that's kind of a sign that the building has got a problem, not just that one apartment," attorney Rick Digiorgio said.

The owner of Magnolia Terrace who said the issue has been resolved. He said Bryant's apartment has been treated and other units have been inspected.

He also said the tenant had no problems for years and maybe he had reached a point where he couldn't live independently.

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