Firefighters talk winter safety following new fire fatality stats

Firefighters talk winter safety following new fire fatality stats

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - New stats released show 76 people have died in house fires in Alabama this year.

Fire officials explain what you can do to prevent a fire from starting in your home this winter.

As firefighters continue to prepare for the winter months a peak time for fires they want your home to be safe too. The first thing they suggest is you do a walk through before leaving the house.

"Just being more aware of their homes and their surroundings and the things they can do to stay safe," Lori Chamblin lives in Tuscaloosa.

Checking to make sure your space heaters are unplugged, or Chimney is put out is not something Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue/ Fire Marshall Gene Holcomb said is always done.

"That it happened to them it's not going to happen to me. So, I think we just keep reminding them that this could happen in anybody's house no matter where you live," said Holcomb.

In fact, a nasty house fire in the Highlands happened around this time last year, the cause space heaters left unattended.

"If you use a heater make sure you keep it 3 feet away from any combustibles, 3 feet away from where you are at," Chamblin.

They also shouldn't be close to your small children or pets.

And Holcomb said get your heating items in the house and smoke alarm checked out.

"We see a lot of times where the appliances people use for heating are not up to date not up to safety standards," said

Lori Chamblin said there's something else people forget to do at this time of year.

"We try to remember to do is to unplug the tree Christmas tree before we go to bed obviously and before we leave," said Chamblin.

These Tiny tasks that seem like a hassle could potentially save your life through this chilly time of year.

Fire fatalities are actually down this year compared to last year in Alabama.

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