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Debate arises about new school choice plan in Tuscaloosa

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Tuscaloosa City School Board leaders are debating whether their new school choice plan can help all students.

The Tuscaloosa City School board will vote later this month whether to postpone the school choice plan that was originally supposed be implemented next school year.  

Certain school board members and parents raised a few questions about capacity issues and how transportation would work.

School board member Erica Grant said that school choice empowers this image that certain schools are better than others.

Grant's goal is to make sure all their schools in the system equally thrive and are successful.

"What if 10-thousand students want to go to one school. You know that's just not fair. My scenario is, in real life, if you have 15 students that want to go to a school, only 10 get in, what do you tell those other five students that qualify,” asked Erica Grant District 5 Board Member.

Grant said if the board votes to postpone the school choice plan, that would be by 2019. 

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