Health department investigates bedbugs complaint at Magnolia Terrace

Health department investigates bedbugs complaint at Magnolia Terrace

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A man in Birmingham is upset after finding his uncle living in what he described as disgusting conditions.

The elderly uncle lives in Magnolia Terrace in Pratt City.

Tommy Bryant's family says he's been living in this complex for seven years and it was last week when they found out their uncle was living in what they said are deplorable conditions.

The owner tells WBRC the problem has since been resolved, but not before the health department stopped by.  An inspector went out Tuesday

Here's a statement from the Jefferson County Health Department:

The Jefferson County Department of Health (JCDH) takes public health complaints seriously and investigates issues under our regulation.  A complaint for the Magnolia Terrace Apartment Complex, located at 301 Avenue T, was submitted to our Environmental Health Division on Monday, December 4, 2017 and is currently under investigation.

We also found out there was one complaint in 2015 and two complaints in 2016.

All three of complaints were also concerning bedbugs, but the bedbugs aren't considered a hazard to your health according to the Department of Health. Instead, it's considered a nuisance.

Bryant's  family tells me it was a health problem and that's why they complained. He was taken to the hospital on Friday after they say he was covered in bedbug bites.

Reginald Swanson owns the 40-unit apartment building. He stresses the fact this is not an assisted living facility. All tenants, 55 years and older live independently.

He said when he was notified of the problem Friday by police he had pest control come out.

A specialist came back on Saturday and started the treatment of the unit that day and finished the work on Tuesday.

Swanson said," If it's in a bad condition it possibly indicates that a tenant can no longer live independently. When a situation arise, we do what we have done in the last four days, bring professional help to address the problem in a timely manner."

Swanson said the pest control company also conducted a specialized inspection of other units.

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