Alabama student dresses in Christmas tree suit

Alabama student dresses in Christmas tree suit

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Kelsey Hall didn't lose a bet, but she's betting her outfit will bring strange looks and maybe some smiles to students leading up to a stressful week.

20-year-old University of Alabama student Kelsey Hall is keeping her Bama gear in the closet for something more Christmasy.

"Mostly weird looks. But some people have seen the Twitter stuff and they think it's funny," Hall said.

After Kelsey's mom bought her this Christmas tree outfit, she thought it'd be fun to see how many people liked it too.

So she took a picture in the outfit and posted it on Twitter.

"I said 1,000 retweets and I'd wear it the rest of the semester," Hall explained.

The tweet went viral and now she's wearing it everywhere she goes on campus.

"But it hit it very quickly so I'm stuck wearing this for the rest of the week," she added.

Her wardrobe draws a lot of attention from stares and even laughter.

But Kelsey believes it's helping students relieve some stress days before final exams by cracking a smile or even some chuckles.

"That's the point so I hope that I can bring some smiles to people's faces and make their day a little better," Hall added.

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