Jeh Jeh Live: Red Rock Tuesday

Jeh Jeh Live: Red Rock Tuesday

Jeh Jeh joined us from Red Mountain Park - 2011 Frankfurt Dr, Birmingham, AL 35211 – as part of Red Rock Tuesday.  The Red Rock Trail System is a master plan of 750-miles of trails, parks, bike lanes, and sidewalks connecting the residents of Jefferson County to the places they want to go. These trails provide our community with access to the outdoors and opportunities to exercise and have fun. To continue the trail's expansion, we work with many different community partners to promote ways you can get out and get active, one of which is Red Mountain Park. Red Mountain offers an array of trails for a variety of activities that are all a part of the Red Rock Trail system.

Red Mountain Park encompasses 1,500 acres of land along the Red Mountain Ridge in central Alabama. Our current attractions include over 15 miles of trails featuring 2 city overlooks, 3 tree houses, the 6-acre off-leash Remy's Dog Park, and adventures like the Vulcan Materials Zip Trip and Kaul Adventure Tower. We are open from 7 a.m. – 5 .p.m every day, and we often host events like trail runs and service days. On the 15 miles of trails, visitors can do anything from mountain biking to hiking to trail running to walking their dogs. Red Mountain has activities for everyone. Soon, it will be opening a sensory trail, which is a series of interactive stations with activities and stimuli designed to engage all Park guests, including those with developmental disabilities and special needs. Birmingham is growing, and with its building momentum, Red Mountain Park offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation and a chance to connect with Alabama's beautiful outdoors for the good of our physical and mental well-being. The Red Rock Trail system includes trails all over Jefferson County. To locate a trail near you, visit the Red Rock trail finder at our website:

The Freshwater Land Trust has been partnering with Red Mountain since the very beginning. Back in 2006, the Freshwater Land Trust took the first steps towards establishing Red Mountain Park, and soon the project grew and established the Red Mountain Greenway and Recreational Area Commission, the organization which now owns and operates the Park. Today, the Freshwater Land Trust is delighted to continue a working partnership and is proud to include all of Red Mountain Park's trails in the Red Rock Trail System. Red Mountain Park understands the value of this land as the pivotal resource for Birmingham's beginning and a vital resource for this modern city. This landmarks the spot where Birmingham began, where everyone, no matter their race, worked side by side toward one common goal.

The Park reminds us of our common past and our common purpose, and it invites us all to explore who we are. It is a place that empowers each of us to reclaim this land. Red Mountain Park is our common ground. Red Mountain Park loves working with individuals, families, or groups who are interested in helping out at the Park. Each month, on the first Saturday of the month, Red Mountain Park hosts a "First Saturday Service Day." Volunteers meet at the Park entrance at 9 a.m., where the volunteer manager will guide volunteers through all kinds of outdoor tasks that help Red Mountain Park continue to grow and thrive. The most recent service day was a success and anyone interested in helping can join the next service day on January 6th. To find out more and to sign up, visit

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