Interstate lights starting to get fixed, still working to speak with mayors in other areas

Interstate lights starting to get fixed, still working to speak with mayors in other areas

GARDENDALE, AL (WBRC) - Lights are still out on the interstates.

ALDOT says it's the cities responsibility to get them fixed.  Hannah Ward is working to get these lights fixed for you and spoke with two mayors in Jefferson County about what they are doing to fix them.

We spoke with Gardendale's mayor and Homewood's mayor and they say they're aware of the problem now and are working to fix it.

"I think your story got a lot of attention. It caught mine," Mayor Stan Hogeland of Gardendale explains.

"We were beginning to get phone calls about interstate lights being out," Mayor Scott McBrayer of Homewood states. This month Homewood looked into outages and it turned into a criminal investigation. "Somebody had removed plate covers from each of those light poles and was stripping the wire from those interstate lights so no wonder they weren't working," McBrayer explains.

There was wiring removed from lights starting at Alford Avenue all the way to Lakeshore which resulted in thousands of dollars' worth of damage.

"We have turned that over to our insurance carrier and then of course we will get with our contractor who will actually come out and perform the work that will actually get the lights back working again," Mayor McBrayer explains.

After investigating the case for a few weeks, Homewood Police arrested 61-year-old Raymond Edward Liberty Sunday.

He is charged with theft of property, criminal mischief, possession of burglary tools and criminal tampering. Homewood says they are glad police made an arrest now it's time to get with insurance to get the lights fixed. Unfortunately, they do not have a timeline for when all the lights will be fixed.

Gardendale also checking into outages. They have fixed some since our last story.

Mayor Hogeland is the president of the Mayors Association of Jefferson County and he says there have been 10 new mayors in the county since 2016.

"We've had such a change over in Jefferson County that I am not sure all that information got carried over to the next administration," Mayor Hogeland explained.

He believes they need to improve communication between the city and ALDOT.

"They understand that we all have a problem and so now we have to find a solution. there has to be better communication. I think they have to be on the ALDOT side communication betterwith the cities, hey this is y'alls problem or this is our problem," he states.

He says that's something ALDOT is willing to do.

"When I spoke with my contact at ALDOT he was aware of your story and so that helps us all to kind of find these solutions. It got us talking on the phone today," he explains.

If you remember from my previous story we drew up this map to show what city was responsible for what area on the highway because one didn't before this one.

Mayor Hogeland says this is some of the information he believes is unclear between the cities and ALDOT. Gardendale is now having their own drawn up. There are a lot of moving parts with this story,

Stay with us for updates.

And if you want to report an area where the lights are out, you can fill out the form by clicking here.

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