Gardendale student creates Christmas trees from car parts to help raise money for less fortunate

Gardendale student creates Christmas trees from car parts to help raise money for less fortunate
Shilo Groover, WBRC
Shilo Groover, WBRC

GARDENDALE, AL (WBRC) - High school students are usually eager to move on to the next chapter in life, and hardly are ever excited for an 8:00 am class. But not Tevin Cooper. He's a senior at Gardendale High School and loves his early morning automotive collision elective, and his teacher Phillip Wolfe. Together the two have launched a new Christmas venture.

"I was playing around and I said hey Wolfe why don't we have a Christmas tree? How about a car hood? I found a random piece laying around the shop and said "why not?"

Five hours later, and with the help of students from the Graphic Design class, they had a Christmas Tree. And a plan to do even more.

"I came up with the idea that we could sell it to raise money for our Christmas Visions Program," said Cooper.  "I am trying to sell this tree to help out kids who won't have a good Christmas like me."

The school has been taking part in Christmas Visions for about 30 years, which sponsors underprivileged children in the Jefferson County School System, giving students Christmas presents as well as needed items such as underwear, socks, coats and toiletries.

The tree was on display that afternoon, but within 15 minutes, a local business, Crane Fast Lube, offered to buy it.

Now students have made another tree, and are ready for more.

"We went ahead, did this one with the hopes of getting donations for this one and are available to do two more." Said Wolfe.

Cooper hopes the program continues after he graduates. He plans to be a police officer, but will be back to help if it does. Even if it doesn't, he plans to come back to visit his teacher.

"I have a great teacher, he's funny, he's awesome. He is there when I need him the most. My mom passed last year, and Wolfe was the first person to say hey man I am here for you. I would fail high school to come back and hang out with him," said Cooper.

If you are interested in a tree, or to support the program, contact Gardendale High School at (205) 379-3600

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