11 teens arrested in Greene Co. for breaking into school

11 teens arrested in Greene Co. for breaking into school

GREENE COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Eleven teens were arrested for breaking into an old middle school in Greene County.

Police also dealing with vandalism problems there.

Eutaw police officers got a call some people were in the old Carver Middle School gym late at night. Several homes surround the school.

"I think it should be a concern, in fact, it is a concern for all of us in this neighborhood," said Bernice Hughes Young.

The Young's have lived in this Eutaw neighborhood since 1963 and they said the break-ins at the abandoned school is something they just recently heard about.

"It's important not to have the vacant lot not so close to us but to make something useful out of it," said Young.

And vandalizing inside of the school with a fire extinguisher is not utilizing the building well. Police arrested 3 other teens last week for doing that.

"Empty buildings somehow teenagers are drawn to that whether they want to go in and whatever they want to do whether they want to vandalize it or whatever. Empty buildings seem to be a problem," said Al Young.

When found on the property the police report states the 11 teens ran from police. The Eutaw Police Chief Derick Coleman said the building is up for sale. Neighbors would like to see something productive built there.

"Teenagers when there's nothing to do they kind of ramble around.

I was just thinking too that they could just make a recreational center out of it especially the gym and I guess some of the other classrooms," said The Youngs.

Coleman said he could've charged the teens with burglary but instead charged them with trespassing in the hopes this sends a message to others.

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