Karle's Korner: Win or lose Saturday, look for Gus Malzahn to remain at Auburn

Karle's Korner: Win or lose Saturday, look for Gus Malzahn to remain at Auburn

ATLANTA, GA (WBRC) - You've heard the gossip: The fine folks in Fayetteville are making a run at Gus Malzahn and they're not going to stop before they get him.

My take?

If you are an Auburn fan, rest easy! I'm here to tell you that in early January, you will be seeing AU president Steven Leath announce a new contract extension for the Gus Bus.

Why the doubt in some people's mind that Malzahn would be heading out? Start with the grumbling about not beating Bama for the last three seasons- Malzahn took care of that last weekend. Add that midseason loss to LSU and many Auburn fans were ready to make the jump.

There has always been a segment of Auburn fans that feel as if the job is too big for Gus Malzahn -- but the folks at the University of Arkansas would be glad to have him: Witness a few recent national reports.

The folks at Yahoo report that Arkansas big-wigs are holding up their coaching search until the Auburn Tiger's season ends while the folks with an Arkansas newspaper insist the Razorback powers that be are willing to open the piggy bank to get Malzahn back to his home state.

Gus Malzahn has not seen a contract extension since 2016, but the last time that the Tigers made national waves was 2013. This season, the Tigers are making national waves again, beating the nation's top-ranked teams in back-to-back weeks.

In five seasons as the head coach at Auburn, Gus Malzahn is 54-23 overall, 45-20 in the SEC. Saturday night, he could win his second SEC title in five years and he fell a Jameis Winston touchdown shy of winning a BCS National Championship.

You heard it here first: Last week's big win will result in his super-agent Jimmy Sexton burning up the phone lines to get a new deal done for Gus (Of course, that is after Sexton finishes negotiating Jimbo Fisher's new deal).

A number of days ago, Gus Malzahn went on record as saying he's committed to the Tigers in 2018  and Friday in Atlanta, Malzahn bristled when asked about the Arkansas rumors and his status at Auburn (man, if looks could kill, that reporter would be six feet under). Malzahn's expression was priceless and it showed the world that Malzahn is genuinely irked about talk of him to heading to Fayetteville.

I'm the first to admit that things can change on the college football landscape in a hurry, but I'll bet you a Diet Coke that Gus Malzahn will be the head coach of the Auburn Tigers next year, win or lose Saturday night.

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