Seared Chicken with Butternut Noodles

Seared Chicken with Butternut Noodles
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4-6 boneless Skinless Chicken thighs
2 Cups of mealfit marinade
1 butternut squash
Olive oil for sautéing
1 tbsp of mealfit seasoning Divided


Set oven to 375
Place Chicken in Marinade 30 min to overnight
Heat Skillet with the olive oil till it is HOT.
Season one side of the chicken with a pinch of mealfit Seasoning.
Let sear for 90 seconds with the seasoned side down and season the side that
is up with another pinch of mealfit Seasoning.
Flip the chicken in the pan and cook another 90 seconds or until the chicken
has a sear. (a golden brown color)
Take out of skillet and place on sheet pan and bake for 12-14 min.

For the noodles:
Peel the Squash with a Vegetable peeler
Cut off the Neck and scrape out the seeds with a spoon.
Take the neck of the squash and insert into the Turning slicer and make your
Heat Skillet that you used for the chicken and add some more olive oil 1-2
Let oil get hot and add the noodles and seasoning with mealfit Seasoning
and cook for 2-3 min until slightly wilted.
Plate the "noodles" in the center of your plate and lay the chicken on top

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