Gun sales up so far this holiday season

JASPER, AL (WBRC) - Like many gun stores, Pat's Archery and Outdoors in Jasper saw major traffic in the gun department this Black Friday.

Nationwide, it appears the number of gun sales were up.

That's based on statistics from the FBI, which loosely tracks gun sales.

Their numbers show a ten-percent increase in firearms background checks this year compared with last.

"There was a major increase in hunting weapons--shotguns and rifles-and some handguns this year," says Reed Jackson, President of Pat's.

He believes that's partly because under the Obama administration, people were buying mainly tactical guns fearing they would be taken off the market.

Now, with President Trump in office, that fear has subsided and gun lovers have returned to buying hunting weapons and many will find them under the tree this year.

Reed says it's important folks know what they'll undergo when purchasing. They'll need an Alabama driver's license and they'll undergo a background check unless they have a concealed carry permit.

Also, to protect yourself should the gun ever be stolen, Jackson suggests personally writing out a bill of sale for your records.

"That way you have something, or if this was given as a gift you still have something saying, 'I, _____, gave this gift to my son. And have the serial number recorded and any information they would need."

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