Tuscaloosa community responds after Toys for Tots were stolen

Tuscaloosa community responds after Toys for Tots were stolen

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - There's a warehouse in Tuscaloosa filled with toys.

But it's what's missing that stunned one marine.

"It was a little shocking," Master Sgt. Ryan Leach said.

He's a spokesman for Toys For Tots.

Thieves broke into the warehouse and stoles hundreds of dollars worth of electronic toys, including drones.

"You hate to think of anyone who could steal toys for kids for Christmas. You see the cartoon about the Grinch. But when he actually strikes, it's a little different," Leach added.

Thieves got in the warehouse by knocking a hole in the area where an air conditioning unit used to be. Its been boarded up since the break-in.

Tuscaloosa police are now keeping a closer eye on the building.

But Leach calls the Tuscaloosa community's response to the crime heartwarming.

"We've been overwhelmed with the support that's come out of it. The community has really come out to make a bad good," Leach went on to say.

Since news of the break-in spread, several businesses have stepped to try and replace what was stolen.

"You hate to think of any kid not having Christmas toys on a Christmas morning," Leach said in conclusion.

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