Promise Manor pressuring Kimberly to help with neighborhood speeding

Promise Manor pressuring Kimberly to help with neighborhood speeding

KIMBERLY, AL (WBRC) - People living in a Kimberly community wants to put the brakes on speeders.

Promise Manor is a nice neighborhood. Angela Lowe lives off of Deerview Lane. Lowe says there are five houses around her home with about a dozen children.

"It's a number of problems. It's mainly speed and I feel like a lot of it is high school children," Lowe said.

Lowe said speeders come up a hill and by the time they get to the top, there is not enough time to avoid possibly hitting someone.

"If there was a child there, they wouldn't have time to stop, to not hit the child. That is even a bigger concern on this speed," Lowe said.

In fact, Lowe said a dog was struck killed in the past. Other neighbors also worry about their pets.

The city put in stop signs with a 20 miles per hour speed limit a few years ago. The city has also put up no parking signs to prevent cars from blocking the line of sight for drivers.

Even so, still Lowe wants more.

"I hate speed bumps. I'm sure everyone shares this feeling with me. I'm not saying throughout the neighborhood, but I'm saying the hill which is so dangerous," Lowe said.

Lowe said neighbors have offered to pay the cost of the speed bumps but in the past, Kimberly officials worried about being held liable for damage to vehicles from speed bumps.

Residents at Promise Minor are promising to keep the pressure on the city of Kimberly to see if they can do a little bit more to protect their children. Kimberly Mayor Robert Ellerbrock says the police department is working on it and they are looking at putting in speed breakers in strategic locations.

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