Officers attend class on Tuscaloosa's TAPs program

Officers attend class on Tuscaloosa's TAPs program

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa police are already in several city schools.

But now, they could be more involved than ever in the lives of some students.

More than 20 police officers attended a class on the TAPs program Wednesday morning. That short for Teens And Police Academy.

A pilot program will start in January in the Alternative School that's run at Oak Hill School.

Officers will learn more about the teenagers attending Tuscaloosa City Schools, the family they're a part of and the communities they live in.

There's an opportunity for them to mentor some of them.

Police Chief Steve Anderson said there's the added benefit that this could improve future relations between those students and law enforcement.

"And what better way to take police officers who have a heart for serving their community, but also heart for working for young people and putting them in our school system where they can have a direct impact on the lives of these young people," Anderson explained.

The program could be adjusted over the summer.

They hope to expand TAPs into more schools next Fall.

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