Proposed bill would ban smoking in vehicles with minor passengers

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A Birmingham lawmaker wants to ban smoking in vehicles with minors inside.

Despite anti-smoking campaigns, a lot of people still smoke. And a lot of drivers like to smoke inside of their cars.

Birmingham Representative Rolanda Hollis, who is sensitive to smoking, realized it was a problem getting into her husband's truck.

"I got up in his truck and I couldn't breathe and I said there should be a law against this, smoking inside a vehicle," Hollis said.

Hollis's prefiled bill in the Alabama legislature calls for a $100 fine if anyone is smoking inside of a vehicle with a minor who is 18 years and younger.

"We know second hand smoke, especially in a car which is small, compact place can cause asthma. Not just asthma, it can cause chronic disease," Hollis said.

The tobacco lobby in the state legislature has opposed most efforts to limit smoking. Hollis realizes opposition may be stiff, but she plans to reach out to the state and county health departments along with child advocates to support her legislation.

"If you care about children and you care about health and safety of our children, I think it's a good bill," Hollis said.

Seven states and Puerto Rico currently ban smoking in vehicles.

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