Fashion show for Transverse Myelitis

Fashion show for Transverse Myelitis

Can you imagine, you think you are a healthy person?  All of the sudden you are in terrible pain and paralyzed for no reason whatsoever, at least that's what you think. They rush you to the emergency room of the closest hospital. The doctors tell you they are baffled, they've never seen this before. You are subjected to a lot of medical professionals, you end up telling the same story over and over again, your medical history, your current medical regiment, etc. You're poked and prodded and they subject you to a lot of tests, some you've never heard of.

Finally, a lone wolf doctor says, I think this is Transverse Myelitis or TM. You don't know it yet; but you will be faced with living the rest of your life with a lot of rehabilitation, a lifetime of pain and fatigue, some discrimination, and a lot of uncertainty. TM is a demyelinating disorder of the spinal cord. TM attacks people around the world and paralyzes them; regardless of age or gender in a matter of hours. Their degree of recovery depends on how fast they get diagnosed and how fast they get treatment.

It hit home with Mike Jezdimir that one the biggest problems we face is that very few people even doctors have ever heard of TM, but now he is trying to change that. THERE IS NO CURE. Now he hopes to raise awareness at an upcoming fundraiser Fashion Show. Mike Jezdimir was finally diagnosed with TM, one of those rare diseases 15 years after onset. He was struck with TM on July 9, 1967, and not diagnosed until he saw his new family doctor 15 years later. He started a foundation in January 2013. The mission of the Mike L. Jezdimir Transverse Myelitis Foundation is to promote awareness and raise money to support inflammatory spinal cord research. There are only 2 facilities that are currently doing research on TM - Johns Hopkins and The University of Texas Southwestern, although there are a lot of facilities researching Multiple Sclerosis that may translate to TM. His organization feels confident that by working with scientists, researchers and rehabilitation experts, that one day we will be free from a disease that is so traumatic for patients and their families.

The Fashion Show is Sunday from 2 -4 p.m. at Alabaster City Hall - 1953 Municipal Way, Alabaster, AL  35007. This inaugural Fashion Show features some of Alabaster's own boutiques.  Get a head start on your Christmas shopping, come see the latest in fashion trends, learn about women's health issues, enjoy local desserts, win exciting door prizes and help us Tackle TM! Tickets are $10 per person, kids under 5 are free. It includes LJ's Retail Therapy, The Sassy Shopper, & Trisha M. – and all stores offer a 20% discount on your purchase at the event or at the store with your ticket. For more information, visit

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