UAB bowl bound--students celebrate

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The UAB Blazers are bowl bound.

They'll play the Ohio Bobcats in the Bahamas Bowl on December 22nd.

It's an impressive accomplishment considering the school's football program just returned this year.  

One man says he knew all along they'd make it to post season play.

"As I tell people--everybody called me crazy when I said we would be bowl eligible first year back," Tim Alexander recalls.

In 2014, when UAB President Ray Watts nixed the school's football program, Alexander led marches, protests, encouraged students, community leaders and local politicians to fight to have the program reinstated.

Those efforts proved successful. 

This year, the team returned to the field, completing the season with an eight and four record.

Sunday, the team rejoiced upon learning they were chosen to play in the Bahamas Bowl, a major comeback

"We set attendance records in Conference USA. Our quarterback and running back have broken records. So this here is really just scratching the surface," says Alexander.

Monday, students expressed their Blazer pride.

"For the first year back on the team--they're doing great, honestly," said sophomore Isaac Carwley.

"It's amazing that they get this chance to go there," Nykaela Goldsmith said, smiling.

"Oh---it's great for the team," said James Richardson. 

He says work usually prevents him from watching the games, but he'll catch this one.

"That is so wonderful. I am so proud of them," Brandy Sims said beaming with pride. "They need to keep up the good work and Go Blazers!"

While he's excited about the future, Alexander says it's important for the team to not forget where they came from.

"It's not about what you go through---it's what you grow through," he says. "Just seeing our guys grow and eager to learn and want to get better, that's 

what showed us UAB is going to do a lot of things."

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