WAPO: Fake allegation made against Roy Moore tied to conservative group

WAPO: Fake allegation made against Roy Moore tied to conservative group

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The Washington Post now calling out a woman who approached them with a false story against Roy Moore.

The newspaper traced her back to a conservative media outlet known for publishing false stories.

In a number of interviews, Jamie Phillips told The Washington Post, Roy Moore got her pregnant when she was teen.

The WAPO says her story doesn't add up and traced the woman back to the offices of Project Veritas, a conservative group known to use hidden cameras and fake stories to try and highlight what it believes is bias in the media.

Phillips initially told the Post she worked for a mortgage company but when the newspaper tired verifying that, they found no one by that name works there.

"So if you are not working for that mortgage company, where are you working?" asked Washington Post reporter Stephanie McCrummen.

"I work for one of the branches. I don't work for the corporate office," Phillips said.

The Washington Post also found an internet posting Phillips made saying she had accepted a job at the Daily Caller, a conservative news and opinion website. Phillips says that didn't pan out.

After finding a number of inconsistencies in Phillips story, WAPO decided not to publish her allegation against Roy Moore.

Phillips eventually told the WAPO reporter she didn't agree to go on the record with her story, then she got up and left.

The Post says Phillips initial post on the GoFundMe page about working for the Daily Caller has been removed.

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