How to get a good deal with online shopping

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It's such an easy thing to do. 

You go online, find what you're looking for, and then with a few taps of the keyboard and a click of the mouse, the item is on its way to your front door.

However, shopping online does come with some pitfalls.

"I always say to myself and recommend to my family, don't jump at a deal that looks too good to be true," said Bob Robicheaux, a retired business professor from the University of Alabama system.

One of the things he said you should be leery of, is whether the seller's site is legitimate or a scam.  

He also said it's important to consider how much you'll end up paying to have the item sent to you.

"If you buy four items from that site, you often times have to pay four shipping charges and separate handling charges, and then the attractiveness of the deal goes away," said Robicheaux.

If you find yourself in that situation, one thing you can do is consider an in-store pickup.

"If it's what you want and need, they'll ship it to the store and you pick it up for free," said Robicheaux

Another idea is to price shop. 

Download an app that compares prices both online and at traditional brick and mortar stores.

If you find something at a better price online, some local retailers will lower their prices to make a deal with you.

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