What are these booms?

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - What are all these loud booms that are being heard across Central Alabama?

The noise was reported again on Sunday and Monday in areas from Birmingham to Anniston. Those booms come on the heels of one heard on November 14th.

"I was sitting on my sofa and it sounded like a one boom, followed by a slightly louder boom," said Jim Coker, Director of the Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency.

Coker said he heard the noise around 7:30 Sunday morning. 

As for cause?

"We have not received any information from any sources about what this may be," said Coker.

That's also the case for the boom that occurred on the 14th, which was heard by residents in several parts of the WBRC viewing area.

One scientist posted his theory online claiming he knew the cause of the "mystery booms."

Michael Janitch, who describes himself as an independent scientist whose studies are sometimes "controversial," believes the Bama booms could have been caused by seismic pressure transfer along plate boundaries. 

A representative from The US Geological Survey told WBRC, while it is possible seismic activity could cause the noise, it's also unlikely.

"The most likely scenario is an airplane or airplanes," said WBRC Chief Meteorologist J.P. Dice, who is also a licensed pilot.

He believes the booms are the results of the military breaking the sound barrier.

"For example if the sonic boom happened in Anniston, the airplane can continue to travel supersonically. And as long as it's exceeding the speed of sound, that boom travels with it," said Dice.

That would certainly explain why most of these booms have been heard over a large area.  

WBRC also reached out to NASA representatives again to see if it they had any new theories. They said they are still not sure as to the boom's source.

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