New car deals app could save you big on Black Friday

New car deals app could save you big on Black Friday

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - It didn't used to be but in recent years, experts said Black Friday is becoming one of the biggest car shopping holidays of the year and there's a special app that could help you find your dream ride.

We all know shopping for a car can be rough. When you test drive it, you want to fall in love with it, but for a good price, too. And that's where the app Autolist comes into play.

It's designed to do all the car research for you.

"You can search through all of our listings and one of the great benefits is we pull in listings from many different dealers and third-party websites," said Chase Disher with

In Alabama, some of the cars with the biggest savings are the Lexus GF350 and RX350.

And let's say you can't cash out on the Black Friday car deals.

"Anytime a listing has dropped when it was first put on the market we let them know," said Disher.

If you've got the type of car you want in mind, the app has searches specific to the make, model and even color.

"You can really narrow down exactly what you're looking for," said Disher.

Autolist could be a big-time saver when shopping for a new used car. Dealer reviews are also available.

"That ability to be on the go and looking at your phone and comparing deals when you're at one dealership versus another is invaluable," said Disher.

Not to mention it may save you loads in savings.

"Armed with that knowledge on Black Friday we hope that you that a consumer would be able to find a great deal in their area," said Disher.

Autolist ranked Tuscaloosa the 6th most affordable city to buy a car ranging about $158 less expensive than other towns in Alabama.

You can scope out deals and find your dream car at https://

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