ALDOT addresses dark interstates

ALDOT addresses dark interstates

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Interstates in central Alabama still dark with lights out up and down I-65, 459, 59/20 and Red Mountain Expressway. ALDOT simply says they are not responsible for any interstate lights that are inside city limits.

When the lights are originally installed on the interstate there is an agreement signed between the city and the state. According to Dee McDaniel with ALDOT they are only responsible for putting the lights there. "The city will agree to maintain and repair those lights upon completion of the project," he explains.

After that ALDOTs is not responsible for any up keep of those lights. It is also the cities responsibility to know what lights fall in their city limits.  ALDOT did not have a map of which cities are responsible for what areas so I made one by looking at the city limit maps of Hoover, Homewood, Birmingham, and Vestavia Hills.

I then marked which stretch of interstate falls in those city limits. Some of the areas that are blank I could not find a city limits map for that city. I plan to get in touch with Mayors to get a copy of their city limits so we can expand this map.

When I asked if there were any penalties that came with if the city just straight up ignores maintaining the lights and ALDOT was not aware of one. "We just... it is the cities responsibility. Again, if we see issue with it we tell them what we see and they are responsible for taking it from there," he explains.

He says they send letters to Mayors on a regular basis. "Just reminding them of their responsibilities and we send out names of several different electrical contractors that we deal with in case they are looking for assistance or someone to help," he explains.

ALDOT says the city can use their own manpower to change lights or contract it out. ALDOT says the have sent out to all the cities a list of contractors that they have used just in case that is something the city is interested in.

If there are areas along the interstate that you think is too dark, tell us about it. Fill out the document below and we will look into it for you.

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