Oak Grove community deals with the tragic loss of 3 students in 2017

Oak Grove community deals with the tragic loss of 3 students in 2017

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Tuesday marked a somber day at Oak Grove High School in west Jefferson County as they mourned the death of 15-year old Alyssa Scott.

"She was just a fun-loving young lady," her principal Pam Dennis said. "Band was a big part of her life. She loved life and loved band."

As students signed a large poster to send to her family, they're reminded of doing the same just nine months before.

The day before Valentine's Day, four young members of the Scoggins family were in a horrible accident.

Two of the siblings, 9-year old Michael and 17-year old Megan were both killed.

"It's been hard. hard on our community. hard on our students," said band director Richard Adams. "It's a lot for an adult to take in. It is very hard on students, especially the younger ones."

But one thing that helps them get through the tough times is their size.

"We're a small community so we're really close," said Oak Mountain Senior Stone Martin.

"Anything can happen and everyone will be there and help you, bring you food, help you through your time," chimes in his classmate, Wade Chapman.

"It's really a remarkable place."

It's also a place where faith is relied upon

"We just try to know God's in control and that we are going to trust Him and us to get everybody else through this and know there's a purpose to this," said Dennis.

Less than two weeks after dealing with the loss of the Scoggins children, Dennis' own brother and nephew were killed in an accident.

"None of us are promised tomorrow so we all have to be prepared every day."

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