Moundville family upset after dog shot in backyard

Moundville family upset after dog shot in backyard

MOUNDVILLE, AL (WBRC) - Someone shot Copper, Melinda Roycroft's 10 month old hound mix, three times in the last three weeks.

"He's a sweet dog. We just have a lot of problems with him getting shot in our backyard," Roycroft explained.

Copper's injuries have healed over the last three weeks from several shootings.

There's scaring on Coppers neck, legs and hind parts.

She says his wounds appear to be from bird shot.

"First time, we thought, maybe it's an accident or something. Then it happened again," Roycroft added.

All three shootings happened in the backyard of the family's home in Moundville while they were gone, but the dogs were home alone.

The family has three dogs.

But Copper is the only one that's been shot.

Now they worry who wants to hurt their newest pet and why.

"We just don't understand why. If anybody has any information please just let us know. The bills are getting high," Roycroft said in conclusion.

They're asking anyone with information on the shootings to call the Moundville Police.

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