Beverly Young Nelson accuses Roy Moore of sexually assaulting her when she was 16

(WBRC) - An Alabama woman has come forward and accused U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexually assaulting her.  Beverly Young Nelson at a NY news conference with her attorney Gloria Allred said she was assaulted when she was 16 years old in 1977. Nelson said she worked at a restaurant that Moore visited regularly.

Nelson said Moore offered her a ride home on a cold night. She said she jumped in passenger seat and he starts driving around to the back of the restaurant, she wasn't at first alarmed.

She continued saying Moore stopped his car in the back of the restaurant between the dumpster and the building where there were no lights and no people. Nelson said she was alarmed and asked "what are you doing?" She says Moore didn't answer, started groping her.

Nelson says Moore groped her breast, she tried to open her car door, he locked it. She added she yelled to stop, but he grabbed her neck trying to force her head on his crotch.

She said her neck was bruised the next day. Nelson said she didn't tell anyone because she was scared and worried if she talked, Moore would do something to her or her family. Says she quit her job that next day at restaurant, never returned.

Allred has called on the U.S. Senate to schedule hearings and to have Nelson testified under oath. Allred said Nelson is not looking at any criminal or legal option, she wants to testify.

Bill Armistead with the Moore campaign released a statement shortly before the news conference. "Gloria Allred is a sensationalist leading a witch hunt, and she is only around to create a spectacle. Allred was the attorney who claims credit for giving us Roe v. Wade which has resulted in the murder of tens of millions of unborn babies.

"We've said this before and we'll say it again: Judge Moore is an innocent man and has never had any sexual misconduct with anyone. This is a witch hunt against a man who has had an impeccable career for over 30 years and has always been known as a man of high character.

"Let it be understood: the truth will come forward, we will pursue all legal options against these false claims and Judge Moore will be vindicated." Armistead said.

Doug Jones released a statement in regards to the recent accusations made against Roy Moore, "We applaud the courage of these women. Roy Moore will be held accountable by the people of Alabama for his actions."

Nelson's accusation follow a report from The Washington Post that alleges that Moore engaged in sexual misconduct with a woman when she was 14-years-old in the late 70's.

Moore has denied the allegations and told a crowd at a Huntsville campaign stop that he plans to sue the publication.

Moore's campaign says over 50 pastors support him. One of them is Pastor Stan Cooke of the Kimberly Church of God. In a Facebook post addressed to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Cooke wrote:

Mr. McConnell,

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