Angry Lobster Roll

Angry Lobster Roll


nori ½ sheet

sushi rice

2 ounces lobster claw

seedless cucumber

salmon fillet

tempura batter


green onion

honey kimchi sauce


Evenly spread cooked acidulated rice on a ½ nori sheet, flip so rice is on the outside

Tempura fry the cooked lobster claw meat

Place cooked lobster tempura and one ounce. julienne strips of cucumber on nori sheet

Roll to enclose lobster and cucumber

Top with 5 thin slices of premium salmon fillet about .8 ounce per slice

Cut roll into 9 even slices.

Drain and fry kimchi in 375 degree fryer for 3 minutes until crispy, towel dry to remove excess fryer shortening.

Top roll with fried kimchi and green onion fine slices.

Finish with honey kimchi sauce

Directions for Honey Kimchi Sauce:

12 ounces honey

16 ounces kimchi sauce or sweet and sour sauce

2 ounces soy sauce

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