VFW providing wristbands for those with hearing loss

JASPER, AL (WBRC) - Veterans are reaching out to the hearing impaired as Veteran's Day approaches.

"We dream and we hear normally, but we get up every day and we can't hear," David Wright, Chairman of the VFW Hearing Loss Program said.

Wright is a 29 year veteran of the Air National Guard. During his time in Desert Storm overseeing helicopter landings his hearing was injured.

"We had generators and helicopters. We also had low dose nerve exposure which was documented. When upon leaving the country my hearing was wiped out," Wright said.

Eventually Wright decided to create wristbands which said hearing loss. This gives notice that a person can't hear.

"People look at you. Are they drunk? Or did they have a stroke? Why are they not listening," Wright said.

Wright paid for the bands and offered them at no cost to veterans, but the VFW quickly realized others needed the bands so they are now offered to anyone with hearing issues.

"Americans are good people. If they see it, they speak up. Say come down to front so they can hear better. It's making a difference in a lot of lives," Wright said.

If you have any sort of hearing issue, you can go to any VFW in the state of Alabama and get these free wristbands. There will be booths at the VFW downtown this Saturday.

Also - if you like this cause, they will accept any donation to help continue it. You can contact the VFW at VFW Post 4850, Hearing Loss Program, P.O. Box 1511, Jasper, AL, 35502.

Wright can be contacted at dwvfw@att.net or 205-527-9342.

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