Bentley allegedly ordered ALEA head to be ready to arrest wife

Bentley allegedly ordered ALEA head to be ready to arrest wife

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - According to court documents, former Governor Robert Bentley wanted his then chief law enforcement officer to look at arresting his wife for secretly recording his phone calls, including one with a staffer Bentley allegedly had an affair with.

Former Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Secretary Spencer Collier's attorney made that allegation in a court filing Friday, a response to Bentley's motion to dismiss Collier's wrongful termination lawsuit against the former governor.

The allegation is included in a list of nine examples of what Collier's attorneys call "unethical and abusive acts" including previously-stated allegations that the then-Governor told Diane Bentley's chief of staff "she would never get a job again in Alabama if she told anyone about 'the tapes,' and to 'watch herself,' that she 'did not know what she was getting into'."

Bentley's attorney John Neiman issued the following response to the allegation that Bentley asked Collier to look into arresting Mrs. Bentley:

Mr. Collier's allegation is absurd, and former Governor Bentley denies it. It's telling that we're just hearing about this allegation now, for the very first time. It's a desperation move, and it shows why Mr. Collier's lawsuit seeking money from the former Governor needs to be dismissed.

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