Roy Moore speaks to Tuscaloosa students at Veterans Day program

Roy Moore speaks to Tuscaloosa students at Veterans Day program

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore spoke to students Wednesday at a Veterans Day program at American Christian Academy in Tuscaloosa. 

In introducing Moore, the school's headmaster said the program was not a political rally, but a time to focus on the contributions of veterans. He also noted Moore's military service. 

Moore spent his time talking to the students about the role of God in the United States and patriotism, and told students that the rights of Americans come from God. 

After the program, Moore talked with reporters. He said he recently met with Senators in Washington for the purpose of letting them know who is really is, versus the distorted image Moore said is presented in media coverage. 

"I've been mischaracterized in the press, saying I hate people because of their beliefs," Moore said. "I don't hate anybody. I'm a Christian."

"Christians don't hate people, we don't hate gays, we don't hate people. We hate sin. That's something Biblical. I stand for principles on which this nation was founded. But I don't hate people."

Moore's opponent, Democrat Doug Jones, has recently accused Moore of avoiding voters and key issues. Moore said he has been campaigning and talking to people all over the state, but media outlets have not been invited. 

"I've been campaigning all over the state. I've traveled around. I'm speaking today in Montgomery, appearing at a Sheriff's Association. A lot of these things are not people in the press are not invited."

The Alabama U.S. Senate election is December 12.

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