Northport parents explore idea of splitting from school system

Northport parents explore idea of splitting from school system

NORTHPORT, AL (WBRC) - Some Northport parents want their city to form its own school system.

Many parents voiced their disapproval of a new school improvement plan in a meeting Tuesday night.

In that meeting, it was agreed they don't want to leave the school system, but they also want what's best for their kids and will do what they must.

It was a packed room at city hall, very civil but also very passionate.

Former Mayor Bobby Herndon even came out.

"I'm going to turn my back on the council. Don't want to be rude, something needs to change now. Northport separating out into its own school system, I know that's been looked at before when I was in office," said Herndon.

And now it's being brought up again, all because parents are not getting the middle school they said they were promised, instead it's a new combined 5th and 6th grade school.

"5th grade is too early to be leaving an elementary school. That's my initial concern," said Corlina Glasgow, parent of 4.

"I feel like they won't be very transparent with us. The superintendent is on record saying the earliest to vote to come is the end of November," said mom Mindy Sabatino.

That vote on the school improvement plan happened last week.

"Education is not about a building, it's about what goes on in the building. The one thing we refuse to be accused about is that we're not going to listen," said Tuscaloosa County Schools Superintendent Dr. Davie.

Mayor Donna Aaron said a lot of her residents don't feel heard but while an independent school system would be nice, can it be done?

"We have to do some redoing of property tax and maybe sales taxes, so that would have to be addressed because we can't afford it," said Aaron.

Mayor Aaron said new research needs to be conducted first before deciding which way to go.

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