One-year-old caught in crossfire of bullets twice in one year

One-year-old caught in crossfire of bullets twice in one year

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Danetris Caves cannot get the image of Monday night out of her head.

"Bullets came through the front window across my face. I seen it with my own eyes. Bullets flying across my head and stuff."

She was sitting in her car in front of her family's home when all of a sudden, gunfire erupted.

"So the shots started coming closer next thing I know, they start hitting the car,". She immediately grabbed her one-year-old daughter, Karleigh, who was in the backseat and throws her on the floor.  

She then covers her child and her 12-year-old brother who was in the car also. 

"Most of it actually stuck in my face.  I had to take it out," Caves said.

Just seven months before, her daughter had a similar experience.

Karleigh was attending a carnival in Center Point with her father when shots rang out. 

Six people were injured, including Karleigh when a bullet lodged in her leg.

Caves still remembers getting the call.

"That was like the worst feeling ever," she recalls.

Months later, Caves says Karleigh still seems shaken by that situation.

Monday's shooting will only compound that.

But Caves is trying to remain positive--just thankful to be alive.

"I'm really glad my brother or my baby didn't get hit because so many shots was fired. That was nothing but God. We could have been gone."

Caves says she did not see who was firing the bullets because she was down protecting her family.

But she feels confident they were not meant for her.

If you have information that may help, call Birmingham Police at 205-254-1764 or make an anonymous tip at Crimestoppers at 205-254-666.

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