How does UAB make sure student organizations are following rules?

How does UAB make sure student organizations are following rules?

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Florida State's school president is suspending all sororities and fraternities.

The move is in response to a fraternity pledge that died after attending a party. It is also being attributed to an unrelated case of another FSU fraternity member that was arrested for trafficking cocaine.

So how do local schools keep their students safe?

At UAB, they have 26 fraternities and sororities. Making sure all are properly educated about the rules and regulations is a big job.

At the start of each semester, every student organization, not just Greeks, have informational meetings about everything from alcohol and drugs to hazing.

"Providing not only a review but also clarification, answering questions, and making sure that the students are able to transfer and digest that information," said Jennifer Griffin, Director of Student Involvement and Leadership.

In addition, that information is discussed at individual chapter and student governing council meetings.

"Anytime we hear about something happening on another campus or our own campus, it brings about the opportunity to ensure that we are providing the appropriate education for our students," said Griffin.

Making sure students know where to go if something does happen is also important. In UAB's case, it has a web based reporting system. Students can even stay anonymous if they want.

"And we follow up on all reports of hazing, or again, any organizational misconduct," said Mary Wallace, Vice President for Student Experience.

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