Wrestler Ted Dibiase on new 'The Price of Fame' documentary

Wrestler Ted Dibiase on new 'The Price of Fame' documentary

Mike talked with Ted Dibiase - "The Million Dollar Man" and WWE Hall of Fame professional wrestler. Now he's also an author, speaker and pastor. Best known for his role as the villainous "Million Dollar Man" of the World Wrestling Federation -now known as WWE. Ted followed in the footsteps of his wrestler father, "Iron" Mike DiBiase, and became a professional wrestler in the summer of 1975. His big break came in the spring of 1987 when he became the "Million Dollar Man."

Mike talked with Ted about his forthcoming documentary THE PRICE OF FAME. The documentary features many voices from the world of professional wrestling, along with appearances by his family including pro wrestling son, Ted Jr.  Ted Sr. shares with your viewers/ listeners wild stories from the height of his career, pro wrestling today and what is the price of fame. The professional wrestling business was booming in the late 1980s when DiBiase signed with the World Wrestling Federation. Owner Vince McMahon had an idea for a villainous character that would be a self-absorbed millionaire obsessed with money and living the fast lifestyle. He would always get what he wants because, you see, "everyone has a price." Enter Ted DiBiase a larger than life character with top notch in ring skills and an amazing cackle McMahon found the perfect choice to be "The Million Dollar Man." McMahon gave DiBiase everything he needed to play the character — first-class travel and hotels, custom suits and plenty of cash to throw around. The character took him to unbelievable heights, but DiBiase took it too far, living it up outside the ring with sex and drugs as he traveled the world. THE PRICE OF FAME recounts the meteoric rise of his iconic career, personal downfall and eventual redemption and hits the big screen for one night only.

In his 25-year career, Ted wrestled in some of the biggest venues in the world: Madison Square Garden, The Superdome, The Skydome, The Tokyo Dome, and Wembley Stadium. Ted's likeness was made into action figures, characters in video games and used on everything from T-shirts to pin-ball machines. Ted ended his active career at the end of 1993 due to a neck injury and went on to be a ringside manager and commentator with the WWF, managing such wrestling superstars as "Stone" Cold Steve Austin and Bam Bam Bigelow. Today, Ted is a full-time motivational speaker. Officially ordained into the ministry, he speaks to churches, youth groups, men's meetings, businesses, and in public schools and universities all over the world.

Ted is also a spokesperson for and board member of The Sunshine Foundation, an organization that grants wishes to terminally ill and handicapped children. Ted is married to his wife Melanie of 31 years and they have three sons: Michael, Ted Jr. and Brett. Now you can catch his life story on the big screen. Tickets for "The Price of Fame: The Story of Ted 'Million Dollar Man' DiBiase" can be purchased online by visiting www.FathomEvents.com or at participating theater box offices. Fans throughout the U.S. will be able to enjoy the event in more than 600 select movie theaters through Fathom's Digital Broadcast Network. For a complete list of theater, locations visit the Fathom Events website.

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