Dark interstates have some people avoiding them at night

Dark interstates have some people avoiding them at night

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Another dark night up-and-down the interstates in central Alabama.

Thursday night we showed you lights out on I-65 and asked why aren't they getting fixed.

Carl Turner saw the story and he, like several others, went to our website and filled out areas on the interstate they have issues with seeing because it is so dark. We got an overwhelming response of people fed up with dark interstates.

Turner's commutes home on I-59/20.

"There are no lights. It is black right there," he said as he described driving conditions.

He says that he has started to tell family and friends to avoid the interstate at night. He suggests people take 1st Avenue instead because it is lit and I-59/20 is too dark and dangerous.

"You can go down through there any time at night and you are going to see a wreck or you are going to see someone pulled to the side and you are going to feel sorry for them because they don't have any lights on. You know, you can't see," he exclaimed.

To see for ourselves, we drove this same route and found that from Tallapoosa Street exit to Roebuck Parkway, there are barely any lights. We know they are there because we drove this route during the day but a majority of them are not working.

We are working with ALDOT to get a map or a list of who is responsible for which lights along the interstates to make sure it lines up with what the cities think they are in charge of maintaining. We believe this is where the confusion is and why some lights are being left dark.

If you know of dark areas along the interstates tell us about them so we can work on getting those fixed too. Fill out this information below about where the dark area is located and a few other questions that way we can keep up with all of it.

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