Church members come together after vandalism

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The Irondale Police Department is looking into two cases of overnight vandalism. Both acts of vandalism were about two blocks apart. No one was injured, but the church may have to move its Sunday service.

The First Baptist Church of Roebuck Plaza has been at the this location off of Gadsden Highway for 45 years. On Thursday night, someone set fire to the wreath on one of the church doors. A rock was thrown through a window nearby. Behind the church, an awning was set on fire. Down the road, someone tried to break into a Marathon convenience store.

Plexiglass will have to be replaced on the front door. Two windows were knocked out. The vandals still didn't get entry.

At the church, everyone was asking why would anyone do such a thing. "This is a terrible thing to happen, but we as a church are going to come right back, meet, and fix it up again and hope it doesn't happen again," said church member Bo Perry.

"We will have our regular worship service. If not in the sanctuary, then in our fellowship hall. Our schedule will not be impeded,"  Pastor Jim Auchmuty said.

SERVPRO was on hand Friday to start cleaning up the fire and smoke damage. The sanctuary is not expected to be ready by Sunday, but the church still plans to hold their service in the fellowship hall.

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