Missing Woodstock Man's family creates search party

Missing Woodstock Man's family creates search party

WOODSTOCK, AL (WBRC) - The family of a Missing Woodstock Man is organizing a search party in the hopes to find him.

Thirty-year-old Jacob Smith's family has asked the State Bureau of Investigation to assist Woodstock Police in their search for Smith.

In the meantime, loved ones are looking around the area Smith's car was found.

Up and down a dirt road is how far Jacob's brother and dad have traveled to look for him.

"Do as much as we can if he is here to find him to get closure," said Nathan Smith Jacob's brother.

They figured trying to recruit people from all over to carefully search where his car was last seen is a good start.

"We need everybody we can possibly get to help us walk these woods," said Ralph Smith Jacob's Dad.

Although police searched Jacob's car, they found nothing inside that would lead them to him.

"We need some kind of clue where he's at to tell us what happened to him," said Smith.

Jacob has been missing for over a week and his brother and Dad said it's as if he disappeared.

The last time his brother saw him was Wednesday night before bed and he was gone in the morning.

"Something is wrong, something is not right," said Smith.

Woodstock police said they heard a girl was the last one to talk to him  Friday and they are working on getting a search warrant to check his phone records too.

"Some of us are going to go through that road and go back in there," said Smith.

While they wait to hear back from police, they're wasting no time hitting the ground.

"It's been this long if he's been in the woods it's probably not good," said Smith.

But that's the worse possible scenario they don't want to think of. Their most important task right now is bringing Jacob home.

"It's very important we get answers," said Smith.

If you're interested in helping look for Jacob, you can meet the Smith family Saturday morning at 8 a.m. at  Mission Baptist Church in Woodstock.

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