In the dark: Who’s responsible for lights on Birmingham’s busiest roadways?

In the dark: Who’s responsible for lights on Birmingham’s busiest roadways?

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Hundreds and hundreds of lights are out on the interstates you commute home on every night.

It's been a problem in our area for years but keeps growing dimmer. You pay taxes to have them maintained.

So, who is not doing their job?

ALDOT says it's only responsible for the lights where the interstate doesn't fall in a city. So, after several phone calls and emails, we found out that a lot of different people are responsible for the upkeep of the lights.

In fact, ALDOT said more than one city could be responsible for a small stretch of interstate which might be where some lights are falling off the map  A city like Hoover, for example, knows where its light maintenance area starts and stops.

Hoover officials said they are in the process of switching to LED lights. They also said they still had confusion on what areas other cities were responsible for keeping up.

Vestavia Hills admits they are still confused about which areas are their responsibility.

"The city recognizes that there are issues with the lights on I-65 South and are continuing to communicate and collaborate between the multiple entities to successfully identify ownership," Vestavia Hills city officials said.

ALDOT says there are areas that Homewood is responsible for but other cities did not know where on the interstate that would be. Homewood also did not have an answer.

As far as the city of Birmingham goes,  ALDOT says the city is responsible for Red Mountain Expressway where more than 100 lights are out starting at Interstate 59/20 to the 21st Ave exit.

Birmingham is also responsible for several miles of Interstate 65. Part of that area is under construction but almost the entire stretch of I-65 going through downtown is dark.

If you have noticed an area that is not lit well or at all at night, please fill out the form below and submit it to us so we can collect a database of areas that need attention around central Alabama.

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