Community comes together to help raise money to save injured dog

Source: WBRC
Source: WBRC
Source: WBRC
Source: WBRC

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - As Brooke Garnder kisses the furry wet nose of 5-year-old Jenny, a British lab, it's hard to believe their bond just started three weeks ago.

It all began shortly after Jenny was hit by a car on Old Leeds Road.

Her pelvis was injured, but her leg was shattered.

"The center of the bone was fractured into several pieces and that makes it a lot harder to repair," Dr. Craig Martin of Liberty Animal Hospital recalled.

Gardner just happened to see a post on Facebook about Jenny's injuries.

Having two rescues herself, she reached out to the Mt. Brook Animal Control officer, asking what she could do to help.

At that time, Jenny's owner couldn't be found and her prognosis wasn't good.

She needed a very expensive surgery or she'd have to be put down.

"I just told him to give me a few hours and I'll write the check and try to get people to donate," Gardner says. "It went crazy and the community came together and donated thousands of dollars for her surgery."

That money, Gardner says, was raised in just three hours.

Jenny underwent the first surgery and had a plate placed on her femur bone.

But it failed.

That's when the story took another amazing turn.

A local representative who works for Stryker, a medical device company donated a titanium rod that she needed for a second surgery that took place Wednesday.

It's been a long three weeks.

Jenny's on the mend now and in six weeks or so, should make a full recovery.

She's already got an adoptive family waiting to take her home.

But Gardner will make sure she keeps in touch.

"My hope is that she just has the best life," she said with a smile.

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