Tuscaloosa PD arrests motel owner for promoting prostitution

Tuscaloosa PD arrests motel owner for promoting prostitution

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa police say hotel owners and their employees have a responsibility to know what's going in their hotel rooms.

Thursday, officers arrested one motel owner on charges of promoting prostitution.

Tuscaloosa Police never checked in to the Masters Inn.

Instead, they took the owner out in handcuffs.

"We got information prostitution was occurring at this location at an alarming rate," Lt. Darren Beams, leader of the alcohol and vice unit, told WBRC.

Officers charged 39 year-old Snehal B Panchal on promoting prostitution charges.

"I have no idea sir what's going on. We do everything legal. Nothing illegal here," Panchal explained in the back of a patrol car.

Police claimed they rescued a victim of human trafficking from the Masters Inn in June.

Detectives started an investigation here three weeks ago.

Now they accuse Panchal of knowingly providing rooms for the purpose of prostitution.

"We uncovered evidence along the way that we feel like we can show in court where Mr. Panchal was well aware there was prostitution at this location and he was going so far as to help advance that prostitution," Beams added.

Police say they're offering free training for hotel staff how to indentify signs of human trafficking.

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