When, exactly, does the Christmas season start?

HOMEWOOD, AL (WBRC) - From spooky ghosts and goblins one day to wreaths and wrapping the next, when, exactly, does the Christmas season start?

It all depends on who you ask.

"So, normally Christmas starts for me on Dec. 1," said Victoria Vaughan Brock.

"After Thanksgiving, we usually start decorating at our house," Lisa Motley said.

Kelli Mauro, though, gets it going a little early.

"For me, it generally starts about mid-October when I start thinking about what I need to start doing," she said while beaming.

Mauro works at Seibels in downtown Homewood. About two weeks ago, they started decorating for the city's Holiday Open House event to be held Thursday.

And Mauro couldn't be more ready.

"Once you get everything out and the trees and decorations and the wrapping, it's all those together. It's fun," she said.

You can see lights and trees already decorating storefronts on the strip, including at Alabama Goods. But with the season starting so early, is the stretch too long from a business perspective.

"It kind of helps because it's kind of the kick off because from that night on, we're busy as little elves," Motley said about the Open House event.

"Especially in a year when Thanksgiving is on the early side, it gives everyone enough time to get everything done and not feel as rushed," Mauro added.

Convincing arguments? Maybe, but not quite for Victoria Vaughan Brock.

"It's December. I prefer it to be cold and the decorations come out and I prefer after Thanksgiving. I like to keep my holidays separate," she said.

The Homewood Holiday Open House will be held Thursday, Nov. 2 in downtown Homewood starting at 5 p.m.

Merchants will have extended store hours, holiday specials, refreshments and other treats.

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