Birmingham's Islamic Society reacts to NY terror attack

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The New York terror attack is being felt in Jefferson County.

"We condemn it. We feel for the victims. We pray for the victims," Ashfaq Taufique said.

Taufique feels sorrow and anger at the suspect who took a truck to strike out against people in New York.

The man later jumped out of his truck yelling "God is great" in Arabic.

"Our religion is being hijacked by those who would use such slogans which is a really great and noble," Taufique said.

The Birmingham Islamic Society has been working against efforts to recruit their members on social media or other means to turn to terrorism. Taufique said they bring in young American scholars to connect to their young people about life goals. They also seek positive projects to get young people involved in the community. The society also contacts authorities and their members if they suspect any sort of terrorist recruitment.

"If they don't come to us. If they are hiding from us it will be difficult to give them values of Islam," Taufique said.

While the war on terrorism continues in the Middle East, Taufique said more attacks may happen in this country.

"I pray I'm wrong. I don't see an end of this type of activity," Taufique said.

Taufique said the United States' war on terrorism has to expand beyond attack in the Middle East because that only adds more to the recruitment of ISIS. He believes the United States has to do more to help people in the area.

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